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- , 2014

The Journey to a New Frontier

SEO Antarctica isn’t a flash in the pan concept. It has slowly come together, like the movement of a glacier across the landscape: gently, but with purpose and drive. The first wisps of the idea came to our fearless leader and CEO Eldridge Santiago after a near-fatal expedition through Antarctica in 2012. Whilst trekking to the South Pole, Eldridge and his party were caught up in an unceasingly brutal storm of wind, ice and unyielding cold. Some men perished. To this day, Eldridge scarcely discusses ‘the storm’ with anyone. However, he openly tells of the morning the weather turned…

“I awoke, huddled closely with my surviving companions, frightened to move for loss of warmth. As I rose out of the ice-locked cavern we had taken shelter in, something on the horizon caught my eye. The sun, bold in its magnitude, was resting cheek-to-cheek on the horizon. As if viewing true beauty for the first time, pink rays emanated out of her master and light shot across the tundra like arrows from a bow. But I did not see a harsh landscape that almost claimed my life. I saw the future.”

Antarctica: A Land of Opportunity

Santiago has seen a land of opportunity. With the growth of the world’s population and the ever-increasing competitiveness of the digital industry, we are daring to carve out our own future in a land where no other businesses have yet dared to carve. To tame the last of the world’s great frontiers is our mission and to bring Search Engine Optimisation to Antarctica is our calling.

As a company, we now own over 10,000,000 Antarctica associated domains: www.dog-salon-antarctica.com, www.bbq-chicken-antarctica.com, and www.fridges-antarctica.com are just a few. When the migration of business owners comes, we will be ready to freeze their websites to the top of the search engine results. SEO Antarctica is open for business.